12 Week NourishedWomen Group Program

Are you FED UP with yo-yo dieting, counting calories and defining your worth by the number on a scale? Do you struggle with emotional eating, overeating, or food cravings? Would you like to reconnect with your instinctive signals and discover how to eat without restricting dieting or obsessing over food? Would you like to adapt a healthy lifestyle and feel good about yourself? Would you like to feel good in your skin, experience less stress, sleep better or feel fitter? Do you want to feel free around food and improve your relationship with food?


This program is the RIGHT program for you! I can help you with that. As a Lifestyle Coach I can guide you in your journey towards a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

The Program shows women who have spent years dieting and struggle disordered eating move towards a life filled with physical, emotional, and mental well-being around food and body.

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Monday, January 18th, 2021

Application deadline: Friday, January 15th, 2020, at 18:00 pm

I accept a limited number of women to work with me each month, so this application is to help me get to know you a bit better. If we’re a fit, I’ll be in touch via email for the enrollment into the program.

Who is this program for?

– Busy women who are looking to set up a sustainable healthy lifestyle

– Women who are sick of feeling out of control around food and want to find food freedom while honoring their body & health.

– Women that spend most of their day obsessing about food and losing weight

– Women who know how to eat healthy and exercise but still can’t seem to do it

– Women who want to improve their health but need guidance on nutrition, intuitive eating and how to implement healthy habits.

– Women who eat to feel better or when stressed

Who is this program NOT for?

– Women who are looking for a meal plan, fad diet, and/or weight loss focused program

– Women who are looking for a “quick fix” solution

– Women who are not ready to invest in their health and make lasting changes

– Women who are not ready to keep an open mind to learn about an approach to eating that doesn’t involve food tracking, measuring, guilt, or shame

– Women who are diagnosed with eating disorder needing inpatient and outpatient care

After joining the Program, you will:

– Have complete freedom around food

– Develop a healthier relationship with food

– Stop dieting counting things for good

– Feel confident, comfortable, and amazing in your body

– Feel energized, motivated, and nourished

– Feel less stressed at home and work

What is included in the Program?

12 weeks group program to transform your relationship with food and body

– Weekly meal guides and plans (including delicious, easy and nutritious recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks) with shopping list and recipe directions, that will facilitate your overall well-being

– Bi-weekly virtual small group coaching sessions and Q&A

– Access to members’ website with over 100 extra mouth watering and family friendly recipes. Vegetarian and vegan options are also available.

– Different essential guides to support you such as meal planning, meal prep, food storage, portion control, macronutrients education (carbohydrates, proteins, and fats), plant protein sources, cooking with oils, and much more!

– Different essential tools such as workbooks, diaries and meditations exercises. 

– Private support group and community to ask questions & gain support from other women

– Weekly result check ins – see your results skyrocket, stay on track and accountable to your goals with your weekly check in

BONUS: The first 3 women signing up for the new launch will receive a free 1:1 45 minute coaching session (€97 value)!

AND MORE BONUSES for everyone: 

  • Sleeping better guide
  • Stress management guide
  • Smoothie guide
  • Alcohol guide
  • Festive party survival guide

Thank you for applying to work with me!

Have some questions, drop me an email at


I look forward to hearing from you!

Don’t miss the next round:

Monday, January 18th, 2020

Application deadline: Friday, January 15th, 2020, at 18:00 pm

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