Who is it for?

  • You are tired of counting calories and tracking your food on apps
  • You're ready to stop second guessing your food choices and want to just enjoy food
  • You're sick of allowing the scale to dictate how you feel
  • You don't want food to have control over you anymore
  • You don't want to be obsessed by losing weight

What You'll Get:

  • Access to like-minded community and support in a private Facebook group (if you don't have a facebook account, create one for the challenge and delete it at the end of the challenge)
  • 5 days of video lessons, workbook and daily challenges and reflection prompts. You can watch the pre-recorded video lessons anytime of the day and use the attached workbook
  • Live Q&A sessions within the facebook group
  • Daily Feedback
  • It is 100% free

Join the "Ditch the Diet - 5 day free challenge" to set yourself up for a diet free 2021!


Who Am I?

My name is Lamia, Certified Coach, Intuitive Eating Counselor in training, and PhD in eHealth specialized in online lifestyle support . I currently live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and support women globally.
I spent many years of my life dieting, trying to lose weight and using food as an emotional crutch. Now, I ditched dieting and found my balance, through the help of my coach at that time. Because of my own struggle, I wanted to support women going through a similar journey. My mission as a coach is to empower busy women who want to improve their health and guide them on nutrition, intuitive eating, implementing healthy habits, and develop a healthier relationship with food, body and mind.

Join the "Ditch the Diet - 5 day free challenge" to set yourself up for a diet free 2021!