Hello and welcome to Lamia’s Coaching!

My name is Lamia, and I’m an anti-diet coach and certified intuitive eating counselor. I hold a PhD in Health Informatics with a specialisation in eHealth solutions and online lifestyle support. I am Tunisian and I am currently living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

I specialise in helping busy professional and high-achieving women find food freedom and build trust in themselves not just around food, but in all aspects of their lives.

The reason why food freedom is so crucial is that our cognitive biases often hold us back from making meaningful changes in our relationship with food and life. We’ve been taught to believe certain things about food that can affect how we think, feel, and act in other areas of our lives. By learning to trust ourselves around food, we can begin to develop trust in other areas of our lives too. By expanding our awareness, challenging our biases, and healing our relationship with food, we can cultivate a more compassionate approach to life, which leads to greater fulfilment, satisfaction, and connection with ourselves and others.

My mission as a Coach is to help you transform professionals and high-achieving women’s relationship with food and empower them to live a more meaningful, joyful, and fulfilling life.

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